Monday, 15 October 2018

my holidays

In the holidays Sunday 14.10.18 me and my family went to a park 
and then i went shoat to a flying fox and my brother fell off  lafing 
and there was a seat that looked like a plunger that was never ending. 
(sorry no pics)


  1. Kia ora my name is Marley R at Owairaka school i am in room 25 i realy liked your post about your holidayshave you ever tried skeying it is really fun, thanks for sharing your lerning
    you should check out my blog ( blog ya later.
    Marley R

  2. Hi Theoden. It's me Jack from rm7, im next door. I like how you put the date there. If I was on a holiday I would have so much fun. What was your favourite thing on your holiday? Did you have so much fun? Blog you later. Jack

  3. Greetings, my name is Isaac from Rm 25. The park sounds fun! Whats the name of the park?

    Check out my blog when you can: